Road Force Tire Balancing®& Rotation



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Todays’ tires have a much lower profile. The distance from the rim to the top of the tread is less and the sidewall is much stiffer. This means that minor problems can be amplified and transmitted into the car and you feel things a lot more than you used to.

Tires affect your steering, traction, braking and load support. Often, just plain balancing is not enough. You may have to go a step further. This is where Road Force comes in.

Our Road Force tire balancer is a state-of-the-art balancing machine which uses a load-roller to simulate the force of the road and the uniformity of your tire and wheel package.

This service can help eliminate disturbances that interfere with your ride comfort and safety. Our specially trained technician will use the Road Force computer and sensors, to measure variations in the tread, stiffness, or anything else that would prevent the tire from rolling smoothly when its weighted by the car.


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